What is a veterinary pharmacy?

Veterinary pharmacy is the professional practice that makes sure your animal is getting the best results from his medications. Sometimes when a pet needs a medication that is not typically carried or manufactured by drug companies, your vet can ask the pharmacist for compounded medication, or many times the strength available just isn’t right for your pet.

What is Compounding?

Compounding is the art of customizing medications to fit individual needs. Standard methods of delivery, dosage, strength, or taste can be customized to avoid problems or make a medication easier to give to your pet.

Compounding makes it easy to give your pet medication

1. Does Piper hate taking medication?

2. Do you have trouble giving Roscoe pills?

3. Does Lofton need special medicine?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then compounded medications might be the answer. We’re experts at compounding and have assisted thousand of pet onwers over the years.

Through compounding we can:

  • Make some oral medications into a topical treatment that can be rubbed into the skin of your pet’s ear for easier administration.

  • Add flavors to make medications flavored to something that your pet appreciates!

  • Make some pills into flavored solutions or suspensions

  • Make medications that have been discontinued

  • Customize the strength and form of medication just for your pet

Discontinued Medications

Having trouble obtaining drugs that are no longer commercially produced? Contact Julie or Kaysi as we can help most of the time. We can compound discontinued and unavailable drugs, per your veterinarian’s specifications.

Animal Pharmacy offers:

  • Prescription Medication

  • Non-Prescription Medication

  • Compounding Services

  • Animal Care Products

  • Animal Vitamins

  • Shipping Throughout The U.S. (FREE standard shipping for all compounded medications)

  • Custom strength of medications for seizures, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, parasitic infections, etc.

  • Discontinued, combination, custom formulated products

  • Ask your veterinarian if compounding is right for your pet’s medication needs.

For questions and assistance, you may call 1-800-663-5261 or leave us a message through our online Contact Us form.

Custom Dosing

Custom Dosing Options


Flavored dosage forms make it easy, even fun, to dose an animal.

If you find that giving your cat or dog a pill is a frustrating experience, it may be possible to have the medication compounded into a flavored formulation. The Animal Pharmacy can prepare many of the more common medications in flavored medications.

There are many flavor choices. There are beef, cheese, chicken and liver flavors for dogs; fish for cats. Horses prefer alfalfa, cherry, apple, carrot and molasses. Even birds, rodents and reptiles have flavor preferences that can be met by our compounding pharmacist. Call today to inquire about this.

Chewy Treats

Dogs love Chewy Treats.

The Animal Pharmacy also has the ability to prepare come medication into Chewy Treats! We have special forms and a press that will make medication dosing a truly enjoyable experience that your pet will actually look forward to.


Cats love added affection!

Some drugs can be turned into a transdermal gel which are dispensed in 1ml oral syringes. This dispensing system allows for easy and accurate dosing. Dispense the proper amount of medication prescribed by your physician onto a gloved finger and apply to the inside of your cat’s ear. Methimazole for cats is most commonly dispensed this way then your pet see this as just added affection rather than attempting to get him or her to take a pill.

FREE Shipping

Daily, FREE Shipping – All over New York and the United States!

Our FREE shipping is essential since over 80% of our usually furry, 4-legged patients are all over the surrounding area of Upstate New York! From our facility in Canandaigua, NY, our shipping maven, Lori, ships packages every day all over New York State and sometimes other areas in the United States. We offer FREE shipping via U.S.P.S. first class mail of any compound that we make for your pet and UPS is an option too if you are far away and need it sooner.

Lori is a genius when it comes to getting your medication packed appropriately and securely, then getting it out the door every day as we ship hundreds of packages each month. Even temperature sensitive items are shipped securely in a foam lined box with a cold pack to assure that your medication arrives exactly as it was intended.

Flea and Tick Medication

We heard your requests to find flea & tick medications comparable to Frontline Plus or Advantix II, without the higher costs associated with purchasing these branded solutions and we searched out the best medication that would give you the same and more benefits!

We found VETIQ’s Vetguard Plus+, which has all the same benefits and more, is made in the USA and can be brought to you at a much lower cost. Vetguard Plus+ kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitos, lice and mites.

The package contains a 4 month supply which makes this even more cost effective than the leading brands which typically contain only 3 month supplies. Only quality ingredients are used. Permethrin helps to rid your pet of the fleas while Pyriproxyfen is an insect growth regulator which kills flea eggs and larvae.