The Animal Pharmacy is Upstate New York’s largest Animal Compounding pharmacy and we have been doing this for over 20 years now and growing! We make prescriptions for your four-legged family member that are not commercially available or need to be put into a dosage form that works for your pet.

We can make many medications into transdermal gels, chewy treats or even just flavored to satisfy your pet’s palette with our many flavor choices. The prescriptions are hand-made based on the size, weight, dosage and flavor preference for each animal patient.

This is why we say, “Pets are People Too”! We help you meet their needs and usually this makes your life much easier when helping your beloved furry family member take their medicine.

Refill Information for Prescriptions

Prescriptions are made within 48 hours and usually ready for pick-up or shipping the next business day after you request them if requested before Noon. Shipped prescriptions will arrive at your home in 1-3 days depending on your distance from us. Shipping is always FREE on compounded prescriptions!

We have several ways for you to order your refill.

  • Call our “Compound Refill Hotline” at (585) 919-2485. You can leave your order in detail in our voicemail.

  • You can use our Refill Request Form and submit it right here on our website.

  • If you need to discuss your refill, call us at (585) 394-4930 or toll free at (800) 663-5261 during business hours and speak to one of our associates.